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Dragon Heart Beats combines otherworldly performers with an extraordinary five metre fire-breathing dragon sculpted by Hubcapcreatures for a dramatic live music and street theatre experience.

Powerful percussive music amplified by the Dragon's 2 kilowatt onboard sound system accompanies smoke, lighting effects, fiery dragon breath and pyrotechnics.

We also provide inspiring percussion workshops.

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Dragon Heart Beats performers play percussive dance music - combining Caribbean rythyms, with samples and electronica to create a foot-tapping and sometimes dramatic soundtrack to the show.

Instruments include:

The dragon can also be hired as a mobile PA system playing recorded music.

Dragon Heart Beats show conceived by Positive Productions, inspired by Trinidad & Tobago's 'Dragon & Imps' carnival tradition.

It is constantly being developed, mixing fire, smoke, lighting effects, electronica & theatrical performance.

Dragon made by Hubcapcreatures and AFX Studio. Costumes by Pyrosym.